Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tipster Update - Steve Lewis Hamilton

Thought I'd cover off one of my big guns in this update.

Steve Lewis Hamilton
If you google Steve Lewis Hamilton my reviews of him come up on the first page. I was quite surprised but pleased they are there because at the time I did them I wanted to do an honest evaluation of a service that gets bad press and to be fair doesn't really help itself sometimes.

At the time SLH was having a steady start to 2010 and my stats showed that. Since then things haven't gone so well - I suppose they couldn't keep going on how they were - in the previous 18 months I'd made £9,000 with relatively small stakes (between £25-£35 a pt). Certainly from June onwards I've only experienced one profitable month - which is dreadful for a premium service charging premium fees. Now you could argue that in the grand scheme of things that it's not too bad to be down £1k+ after making £9k and that's part of the game. But consistency is important, as is "the here and now" - you pay a year sub you expect a return on that year sub.

There are some green shoots to make me think positively though - Steve has finally admitted himself that things haven't gone well and is desperately trying to address them. A step forward as there wasn't much acknowledgement of the poor run previously. Additionally his "mentions" provide decent profit. I haven't followed them consistently until recently but Jan I managed to make 22 points profit. There's also the option of trading in-running - you'll see from comments in my "Back from holiday" post that one of the guys reading this blog has managed to make some money out of it - certainly the picks do well in-running.

I'll post some stats once I'm back from my holiday.

I think alot needed to turn things around but SLH has been here before and I've an open mind due to the success I've had with this service - my subs are up soon and by the end of March as we work through the NH season I'll make a decision then what to do.

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