Monday, February 7, 2011

Pre-Holiday Update

Hi all - a bit better today with Equine Investments finally delivering the goods - first winner since 14 Jan (approx 22 bets). There have been some places but nothing to write home about. Day in profit though which is what its all about!

I may not get to post tomorrow night so I will leave you with where I am year to date - graph below tells the picture.

One thing I haven't done as yet is tell you who I follow and how much I stake on each service this year;

* Steve Lewis Hamilton - £25 per point
* Equine Investments - £25 per point
* Roger Green Racing - £5 per point (testing this service hence low stakes)
* The Nagman - £5 per point (testing as above)
* Each Way Value - £20 per point (usually £10 e/w)
* Football Elite - £25 per point
* 4PA - £20 per point
* Systematic Betting - £10 per point
* Mr Gekko Bets - £25 per point
* Neural Bets - £10 per point (testing service - staking probably too high).

Here's the graph;

Doesn't look great so far this year but I'm not overly worried. If I'm not on tomorrow I'll be back on at the end of the month. Hope your betting goes well for the rest of the month!


Anonymous said...


Great blog and a good read. any chance you would do a link exchange with me?



mrh-beats said...

Hi James - happily will do, thanks for your comments.