Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Success

After floating around the doldrums for what feels like forever (excluding my holiday of course!!) I had the biggest winning day of the year for me so far yesterday.

Systematic Betting on storming form again with three good winning days in a row putting them in positive territory for me now this month. Steve Lewis Hamilton had a welcome winner today - Reindeer Dippen doing the business at Newcastle. Timely winner for SLH as I need to renew my subscription tomorrow which I think I will. Think the business end of the NH season we shall hopefully see some results.

Equine had two account losers, much tempered by a "mention" winning at 14/1. Be interested to see end of month results when the spreadsheet comes out as been a flat month in the time I've bet. Suspect that service will finish for the season in March as well so unlikely to have been a successful subscription period.

Newcomer Northern Monkey had 4 losers but I like this service already - detailed explanations of why placing the bet always makes me feel better.

Roger Green had another stinker and dropped 18 points since my return. Probably wouldn't be complaining if I'd got that 5 point win of course!!

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