Monday, February 28, 2011

Missing the best days....

For those of you who may be familar with the mechanics of the stock exchange you'll probably be familiar with the title of this post and how missing individual days has a huge effect on performance - a study I read the other day showed that investors who remained fully invested in the UK market over a particular five year period would have received returns in excess of 60%. In contrast, investors who missed out on the ten best days would have seen their returns cut to just 40%, while those who missed the best 40 days would have made just 4%.

What's my point? I suppose that missing what I now know to have been good winning days while I was on holiday has impacted significantly on how things have performed so far for me this year. Admittedly it's completely different to investing in the stock market but the point in my head is the same - miss a few good bets and it makes a massive difference.

Reviewing the latest SBC that's just come out and update spreadsheet from Equine confirmed I'd missed winning bets all over the place that would more than likely put me in profit for February. 16/1 Equine winner was a particular sore one!!

I still swear by taking a break but you have to accept that you may miss good days and it will impact your ROI on the year. Now presume there can an be option to use a bet placement service but I wouldn't touch them - I'm sure a big one collapsed last year - losing punters a lot of money.

Anyway one good bit of news that came out of reading the SBC update was I spotted that Recession Proof had done the business for 4PA on the 18th - happy days and there was the cash sitting in my Paddy Power account!! I've added that to my February statement although the bet was placed in Jan as an AP bet. Very welcome. Didn't push February into profit for me though but close to it.

Graph here;

So what do I think of things so far - probably feels like I've turned a corner this month. Confident the majority of tipsters are the right ones for me - maybe just need to think about my weighting.

One last thing - decided to stick with Steve Lewis Hamilton until 1 June so have renewed for 3 months. Lets see how it goes.

So March - lets hope onwards and upwards - time is key to success!

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