Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in the Red....

Well it didn't last long and a dismal day of results sent me back into the red for the year - here's my graph for the year. Certainly not great but much healthier than it was just over a week ago. Incredible.

An amazing turnaround - over the 4 days of Cheltenham I put on £1,266. Not all the bets that won were at Cheltenham so a pretty good week overall. I'll run a quick review of tipster performance over the 4 days later in the week as wanted to cover off a couple of changes in this post.

Over the last few days a couple of services that I subscribe to have stopped their services.

1) Each Way Value - this service was run by the team over at Secret Betting Club (SBC) I've been a member for a few years and this service was highly profitable until recently. There's been a poor run for a while - but this was to be expected for 11/1+ odds bets. The reason the service has closed is that the Adrian Massey rating website has closed down and this rating service was one of the factors that fed into the system. The Adrian Massey site was an amazing resource and sad to see it go but Adrian ran the site for nothing - just looking for charitable donations and he's clearly had enough! Who can blame him! Disappointing to see Each Way Value go but the team are going to refund remaining subs (although I think mine were up at the end of March anyway!)

2) Neural Bets - this service kicked off in January, partly run by Mark who runs the Systematic Betting service. Very early on things looked promising but have rapidly gone down hill and never really recovered since then. In the long run the losses made would be recoverable if back testing was anything to go by but the guys have decided to close the service and FULLY refund subs - which is a very generous gesture. They are going to continue to send tips out for the remainder of 2011 for free and I'm going to track these bets to see if things turn around. I won't bet on them at the moment.

So two losing services going + some subs refunds puts me in a better place. Looking back I'd be £825 better off in 2011 if I hadn't bet on their tips. The subs refund will compensate for some of that loss.

With Equine just about closing the doors on their season thats me with 3 less services to follow going forward. I'm not going to subscribe to new services in their absence as I want to cut back the time I'm betting as my full time job is going to be racking up the pressure over the next few months and I want to be a bit more focused on what services to follow.

A bit of a ramble today but hope it makes sense.

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