Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Review - Part 1

Well a disappointing end to the month has capped off what can only be described as Mad March!! An awful start where total losses for the year hit £1,102 the day before Cheltenham followed by an amazing 4 days where I put on £1,266 followed by a topsy turvy end to the month ultimately leading to a decline on the month high and an end of month profit of £412. This puts me back into negative for the year - 3 months in to the year and I'm £109 down. I'll be honest it's left me a little bit deflated, despite things turning round this month, but I'll dust myself down and get on with it!! There's profit in there somewhere!

There's so many different stories behind the headline numbers -

* 2 services closing down - Each Way Value and Neural Bets - in the month (both having a negative effect on my account in March and in 2011) - I'd be £715 profit for the year without them (£762 profit for March). So assuming the losing runs had continued then April should be better...

* Poor management of my account and timing of getting bets on. Perfect example of this being Systematic Betting. Headline figure was +10points up but I've ended up just shy of 6 points down because I've not been getting the prices and placing a large number of bets on betfair for speed but therefore also suffering the commission erosion and losing out on any BOG. So that should've been £150 profit rather than £135 loss (points don't work out simply due to my change of staking...)

* Change of staking - at the wrong time for Systematic Betting but at the right time for Mr Gekko! +£70 for Mr Gekko and -£85 for Systematic Betting.

All and all if I'd done things differently then March could've been £900+ in profit. But such is life and I while I am a feeling a bit gloomy there's a lot to be positive about;

* Steve Lewis Hamilton back to winning ways - 17.5 point profit for March + a couple of personal bets profiting from his picks.

* Equine finished their season on a high - 11 points profit which was very welcome

* My first full month with Northern Monkey going well - 8 points profit.

* Mr Gekko continues in profit - my ONLY service to post a profit for each month in 2011.

So that's the rambling part of my review of the month - I'll do the stats bit tomorrow night.

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