Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

It's been a slow week with not much happening and no profit being made - a slow decline from the success of Cheltenham week although Roger Green had a nice 12/1 winner today which balanced the losers from The Nagman and Steve Lewis Hamilton. Unless things go badly over the next week I should end March in profit for the month and if things go well I should get into profit for the year.... Fingers crossed!!

Equine Investments subs renewal is up with some proposed changes to how the service operates and a reduction in members. It's an expensive service but has made some spectacular profits over the years. I've been a member for two terms now - the first period was excellent, the second not good and looks like I actually made a loss over the period (even before taking the subs into -account). However 2010 as a whole was profitable - the official ROI was 19.34% - think mine was nearer 12% - the difference likely being the bets I missed during holidays and difficulty in getting odds advised due to the success of the service.

Going to do some number crunching over the weekend and make a decision as to whether renew. The most basic fact is that if I do continue I will need to increase my staking to make the service pay. Based on 2010 performance I'd need to up stakes to £30 per point to break even so realistically I'd need to be on at least £50-75 per point - problem with that being that as soon as you start winning £50-75 bets your accounts get restricted. While mine seem to!! Cutting other services will help free up funds but then this reduces benefits of diversification. So a decision needs to be made!

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