Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Update

A decent start to March with success (almost) across the board so good to see. With Cheltenham round the corner it's good to get some scores on the board. Although Cheltenham was a success last year for me, it was in the main due to one winner - Berties Dream at 50/1 which Each Way Value and Double The Odds both tipping it. I earned a bit extra on the bet as I'd inadvertently put extra on the horse. The £1,000+ I won on that horse still didn't secure me a profit for March and that was largely down to Cheltenham.

As I've mentioned before I've never been a fan of the big meets - generally because too many tips for the same race means that often you've got money on about 4/5 horses in the same race which makes it hard to make any money!! I've been inundated with offers for tipsters for Cheltenham but I think I'm going to stick to what I've got and not add any for this meet although I was tempted to go with a short offer Double the Odds were punting having had a look at their Cheltenham record. Tipping Legends are also back but I got burnt so badly last year it's not for me. Lets watch them have a record month based on that statement!!

Anyhow - getting side tracked. February looked like this (remember I missed about 2 weeks of bets due to holidays).







SLH Mentions



Equine Investments



Equine (Mentions)



Roger Green



The Nagman



EW Value



Northern Monkey



Football Elite






Personal Bets / Others



Systematic Betting



Mr Gekko







Looks are deceiving so I'm not going to comment any more on February other than to say would've like to get a profit and would've for the full month so happy with things.

So feels like things have stabilised and seem to be turning round so lets hope the curve keeps heading in the right direction

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