Thursday, March 10, 2011

Better Bets

As the antepost bets flood in for Cheltenham - 15 plus so far and knowing next week will be crazy from a betting point of view it really was imperative to get some scores on the door. Thankfully Equine Investments, Systematic Betting and The Nagman came up with the goods - with Wednesday and Thursday both being good profitable days. Lets hope it continues into the weekend....

Its amazing the difference a couple of days makes and while I'm still in negative for March it won't take much to turn things around - a lot of the services in a negative position for the month are only 1 or 2 bets away from profit. Only disappointment is Steve Lewis Hamilton who hasn't rewarded my re-subscription with a winner yet but again not much required to turn March into profit.

I've not had an opportunity to continue my Roger Green Racing work but will get to it over the weekend.

Anyway a quick stat round up;

2011 Winning days: 23,
2011 Losing days: 33.

Best day of the week - Wednesday £355,
worst day of the week - Tuesday -£313.

Most won on a day: £229 on 26/02
Most lost on a day: -£240 on 25/01

And a year to date graph;

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