Sunday, March 6, 2011

The rot hasn't stopped

A dismal weekend with winners few and far between with only Systematic betting posting a profit of any note over the three days. Think the quality of racing was poor over the weekend as people gear up to Cheltenham - still doesn't make things any better for me and I'm almost into the 10th week of the year and £661 from breaking even (before considering any subscriptions).

So having a quick review of where we are with each of the services;

Steve Lewis Hamilton - poor start in January but showing signs of a turnaround - hopefully not a false dawn. 5.29 points down.

Equine Investments - finishes up for the season on the 19th March and been poor overall. Both Jan and Feb in loss for me, small profit so far in March. -12.67pts.

Roger Green - missed some winners this year both in Jan and Feb and therefore the bulk of any profit that this service has made. That said you have to wait a long time for these winners to come along. I'm sitting at an astonishing -96.44pts for the year.

The Nagman - Good year so far with 26.59pts up. Feels like a good service but sometimes there's a lot of treading water but not critiscising as the profit comes slowly but surely.

Each Way Value. Had a winning bet as the first bet of the year but nothing much happened at all since then as this service continues to move sideways but 10.76 points down for the year which based on the min odds requirement of 11/1 for this service isn't too bad.

Football Elite. Dreadful January. Picked up some points in February when I was away but not much since I've been back and down 11.07 points on the year. Disappointing for me.

4PA - While I question some of the odds posted this is a profitable service which has a fantastic ROI. No complaints. 6.66 points up for the year

Systematic Betting. Tremendous - consistent service delivering result after result. If only all services were like this!! 57.76 points up for the year already!

Mr Gekko Football. Doing well despite some periods of frustration and 2nd best performing service - 16.37pts up for the year

Neural. Disappointing start to this service - willing to give it a chance though as it's run by the same people as Systematic - well there's a link. Have switched to £5 a bet while a review this service.

So a lot of services and diversification is supposed to compensate for one or two bad runs but it's not working for me at the moment. Could well be that the weighting on my services is wrong but I think the reality is that when 7 out of 11 are in a significant negative position that it's difficult to make a profit even if you had weighting spot on. End of March after Cheltenham is likely to be a time to make some decisions.

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