Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 steps forward 1 step back

Funny old day today and a pretty bloody awful one by all accounts - in fact my third worst losing day of the year. It didn't feel like that though and I suppose that's because I'm in profit for the year and that buffers the bad days as long as they are only occasional! Another day like today and then I might be complaining!!

Equine Investments had their first account bet of the new season today - and hopefully not a sign of things to come but struggled to get the price on despite being sat at the computer waiting for the bet to come through! Didn't matter in the end as the horse came second and the money was lost.

Steve Lewis Hamilton, Roger Green, Northern Monkey and Systematic Betting all had losing days - the latter not surprising after 3 good days. The Nagman the only bright spot today.

So a poor day from the big guns but we dust ourselves down and look forward to another day!

Have had some thinking about prices and protecting accounts - will post these thoughts in the next couple of days

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