Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steve Lewis Hamilton to the rescue... just!

After a superb start to April last week I really had a dismal week with 5 losing days in a row - a couple of real stinkers in there as well with Mr Gekko and Systematic Betting having particularly poor weeks. Systematic Betting having the worst week I can remember since joining. Seems like I've upped my stakes at the wrong time!! However I do know with this service a couple of good days can turn things around pretty quickly.

So really thought nothing much would happen today and was worried I was going to go back into negative again for the year - just under 90 betting days in that's pretty demoralising! However Steve Lewis Hamilton's 7/1 2 point win tip of Ultravox in the 3.10 winning by a neck has helped me get back on my feet. Just watched the race and it looked like Rock of Deauville was going to cruise past Ultravox when it fell quite spectacularly at the 2nd last giving our horse the chance to win!!

Excellent end to a dismal week and has helped me look more positively at the rest of the month - if Systematic and Mr Gekko can get back into form then it should be a v good month. Here's hoping....

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