Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rational Thinking

After yesterdays shocker i really was quite annoyed about it all. But woke up this morning thinking a bit more rationally and if things need to change I am in control of what I need to change.

I also looked through my old spreadsheets from 2008 and 2009 and pretty much what I was saying in my last post is true - a few stalwarts have produced profit consistently and I should probably stop trying to chase the next big thing.

I've made some decisions and drafted down some thoughts and plans and I'll share those with you over the coming days.

Oh and today was another poor day unfortunately - although Northern Monkey had a stonker with two good winning bets! Nothing happening elsewhere though - Systematic Betting not having a great time of things lately - 14 bets today with only 2 winners. Down 27 points in the last 7 days. They can turn things round pretty quickly though so not overly concerned.


Anonymous said...

Hi can i ask you which services are you happy with and which are you not so happy with. excellent blog

mrh-beats said...

Hi thanks for asking and comment

Happy with;

* Systematic Betting (although fallen off a cliff a bit this month - but suspect its a blip that looks like occasionally happens with the service)
* Steve Lewis Hamilton (had some bad runs but still generating profit)
* Equine Investments
* Northern Monkey (just joined recently but going well)
* 4PA (but been a slow year)

Not so happy with;

* Football Elite - not been a great season but hope its a blip
* Mr Gekko - was going great guns but just dropped off a cliff
* Roger Green Racing - awful performance this year
* The Nagman - too many long losing runs. Constantly feels like treading water at best.

Hope that helps!