Monday, April 25, 2011

April Update

A postponed game of golf this morning has given me the opportunity to update my spreadsheets and as I expected it's been a week of large betting volume with little progress made. Fortunately I'm still in profit for the year - but not by much and one more bad day could tip me back over to the red. Not great when we're almost 100 days into the year!! Slightly re-assuring that many other punters are experiencing the same rocky times. Feels better to know that it's not just me thats suffering.

Looking at how things have progressed in April -

Mr Gekko has had a complete meltdown,
Roger Green Racing has had another far from impressive month and I'm reaching the end of my tether with this service,
Systematic Betting is ticking over but not making much in the way of profit despite a large volume of bets,
The Nagman is in profit by 11 points for me - I think they quote about double that - always find it difficult to get prices,
Northern Monkey, Football Elite and 4PA are having a break even at best month
Steve Lewis Hamilton and Equine Investments are delivering decent profit (these are Equine mentions pre launch of new service).

So times continue to be tough and here's the latest graph to provide you with some proof! Onwards and upwards and further changes to come...

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