Monday, April 11, 2011

Systematic Betting prove a point...

In my post last night I said Systematic Betting have had a poor run in the last week but that things can change in a couple of days with the service - case in point proved today with a tremendous day and completely turning things around in one day!! The highlight of the day being Nicky Tam in the 2pm at Hexham! Winning at 12/1 - on the day I opened my Stan James account to try to get better prices on some of my systematic bets and they were best price on this horse by 3 points! The horse won relatively easily as well.

The price I got proved the importance of getting prices - 3 points (£45 for me) would've gone a begging if I hadn't got the price on Nicky Tam.

Good news though and 16 points on the day overall from Systematic Betting and I am now back in profit for the month with this service

Not much happening elsewhere - good to see Football Elite having a profitable weekend - a little extra profit for me as I put the wrong bet on a full Liverpool win but they won comfortably! I've signed up for another year with Football Elite despite the relatively poor performance this year.

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