Monday, June 13, 2011


Well three of the tipsters tipped Fazza in the 2.45 at Carlisle and the horse duly obliged! Rare occasion when that happens.

Slightly dampened by the fact Systematic and Equine tipped within 3 mins of each other and the price had crashed before I got a chance to place my bets. 10.11am for Equine, 10.14am for Systematic. So I managed 5/1 best rather than the 8/1 quoted. Although Market Examiner spotted the trend and I picked that bet at the recommended price.

Not complaining but just shows the importance of being able to place bets quickly and not doing something else at the time. When you're working full time thats not possible.

Ascot tomorrow so hopefully not a big meet blow out. Working from home.... racing on in the background....

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