Monday, June 20, 2011

Post Royal Ascot

Well Royal Ascot produced a decent profit over the 5 days - nothing spectacular with a rise of £231 in the overall portfolio - majority of the profit coming from 4PA and (would you believe), Steve Lewis Hamilton who picked a couple of winners in Nathaniel and Veiled.

It could've been a lot better with a couple of mighty odds horses coming close - Bermondsy Bob at 40/1 and Vocational at 20/1 both coming very close to a bumper pay out for me. However if you asked me whether I would've been happy with £231 over 5 days at the start of the year of course I would.

Have to mention that Roger Green Racing has a VERY good Ascot producing 55+ points profit, not that I had any money on... and there were a couple of close calls that could've sent the profit soaring. Fair play to them. Long term ROI much improved but still not of "Hall of Fame" standard - will keep an eye on how things progress.

Overall it was enjoyable few days watching the racing on the TV - although I have to say I find Jump racing far more interesting to watch - I've always preferred the jumps to flat - and Cheltenham for me is much better than Ascot.

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