Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ticking Upwards / Trouble with Prices

With Mark from Systematic Betting on holiday it's been a quiet few days and has made me realise how much time I devote to Systematic tips!! But that's the nature of the service and I've just renewed for a further period as I'm still confident I can make it big with this service.

Good news though is the profit has slowly ticked upwards over the last few days with Equine Investments services doing the business and Tominator, a basic system bet with 4PA, landing the Northumberland Plate at 33/1. It's a shame they didn't put it up as a main bet as I would've had a lot more money on it but a decent return made.

There's a serious issue with prices on Equine Investments main account at the moment - Legal Legacy was the winner on Friday - I managed 12/1 on this horse but the price dropped like a stone as soon as the tip was put out. Not as bad as Racy, who was also tipped by Hugh Taylor and the price was gone within seconds.

On Saturday Silken Thoughts was tipped at 8/1 and by the time I got on to ladbrokes (2 mins) the price had gone to 6/1. It took Ladbrokes less than 2 minutes to drop the price.

I'm not sure how that happens but either they've got someone on the inside who's a member or they're reacting automatically to the exchanges. However it happens it makes it virtually impossible to get the advertised price which isn't good for me but isn't good for the service either.

To be fair to Equine they're trying to do something about it (although I'm not sure how much they can do) so we'll wait and see how that pans out.

Anyhow I'm off to Musselburgh tomorrow so will see if I can get some winners there!


elist said...

again I write.4PA-it is Herbie Fogg site or not?

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a holiday in Spain. Have I missed any winners with SLH since Nathaniel won on the Friday of Royal Ascot? Good luck for the rest of the year.

mrh-beats said...

Hi again!
4PA is a service available through Secret Betting Club - worth spending the money on membership to SBC to get a good idea about betting and services they offer - website is Really good forum etc on there to get a feel for other betters experiences.

Anonymous - Nope Nathaniel was the last winner - there's been 5 bets since then (all 1 pt wins) and nothing doing so disappointing but no massive damage done. 6pm call on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton is going through another of his many quiet patches. Two weeks, five losers. Down to 44-46 points profit for the year, which isn't too bad but it has been very stop-start. I do not have much confidence in Steve Lewis Hamilton as a tipster for flat horse racing - he is better when it comes to jumps horse racing - having said that this year has been better. The last couple of summers have been shockingly bad in terms of profit.

mrh-beats said...

Hi there - yeah you're right that his flat racing tipping in the past hasn't been great - something he acknowledged earlier this year in one of his review messages - and I'm sure he mentioned he was building a better network to improve that - a couple of decent winners at Ascot maybe evidence of that.

I think he's doing well this season - profit steadily ticking upwards and a decent winner at Perth boosting June profits! But yes I take your point re the flat season - lets see how it goes - hopefully a winning summer!

elist said...

Today was my first tip from SLH,lose,but will see in last 2 months.If have profit I will subscribe again,if lose,will am with Marcet Examiner and Formbet,and will wait for membership Sistemstic,Northern Monkey,4PA and Equine inv.I think stop with Selective Betting-I not have profit last 2 monts.Today was bad day for my horses bets-0 winners,but winners come from golf and tennis.

mrh-beats said...

Elist - good to hear you've had good winners with Tennis and Golf! Hope it doesn't restrict your accounts.

Hope SLH is good for you in the next two months - I would say he's generally quite quiet over summer.