Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Update - Part 2

It's worth reflecting on what was the "turnaround" month of the year - apart from obviously the new stuff going on in my life it also was a real shift for performance. Interestingly enough the same thing happened last year - treading water at best through Jan - April and then a bumper month in May.

Couldn't have asked for better performance from the "big guns" - with Steve Lewis Hamilton, Equine Investments and 4PA all performing well. Hats off to Systematic Betting as well with a bumper month and providing me with over 50% of the profit for May. Special mention has to go to Northern Monkey - the subs are minimal - a fraction of all the big tipsters and performance is very impressive - since I've joined I've made 43 points profit and even at my £10 per point trial stakes it's very easy to make a profit. Obviously I've signed up for another 3 months and I'm considering upping stakes.

So why has May been so good? Well think there are three reasons -

(1) partly it has to be because the flat season starts to settle down and the weather gets better so it's "easier" to analyse possibly;

(2) I decided to ditch The Nagman (which wasn't adding value to my portfolio) and Roger Green Racing (which was destroying value). More on Roger Green Racing below aswell..;

and (3) I stuck with my convictions with the better services - a good example with this is Steve Lewis Hamilton - by all accounts had a poor 2010 (although did make a profit) - and 2011, while not been like 2009 - has consistently delivered month on month profit (except Jan). Also clear I made the right decision to renew Equine Investments and up stakes with Systematic Betting.

June has started well so hope the winning run continues!

One thing to note I got an email today from Tipping Legends saying that they are re-merging with Roger Green Racing which is quite interesting as the guys used to work together. Unfortunately despite some very good spells with them both, I've had some disastrous months - and lost significant amounts of money. I hope the merger works and they get back on track - I'll watch from the sidelines though.

I keep promising to do an updated review of Roger Green Racing before I stop tracking the service.


Anonymous said...

Glad things are turning around for you. I follow Roger Green - terrible and will drop at end of month - and Steve Lewis Hamilton. Steve has picked up recently. Yesterday was a farce, however - phone line broke down and racing office engaged throughout my lunch hour and no one available to speak to in evening. Were there any bets yesterday?

mrh-beats said...

Thanks v much.

You're right about Roger Green - really dreadful performance of late and as you see I stopped at the beginning of May despite having subs paid up to later in the year.

Yeah I agree the service at Steve Lewis Hamilton could be better and would be great if he started using email / text - pretty sure it's not going to happen any time soon though. Definitely picked up this year and ticking over nicely.

If I need to speak to them I tend to email and get a response usually.

There were no bets yesterday so you didn't miss anything! Two losers tonight though unfortunately.