Friday, July 22, 2011

The bubble has burst

Inevitability is striking again as the bubble of ever increasing profits has been burst over the last few days with three bad days knocking the best part of £500 off YTD profits.

It's been a tough week with bookie restrictions / rapidly falling prices and other pressures preventing me getting bets on.

Today saw a few tipsters covering the same horse - a good thing according to Mr Gekko of SBC with stats showing that multiple tipped horses perform better - well it didn't happen today with Hong Kong Island (tipped both by Equine and Systematic) and Colour Vision (both Equine and Steve Lewis Hamilton) failing to win. Very frustrating.

Hopefully Saturday will turn things round but it's a bumper day of racing and that often isn't a good thing. Really need 4PA to find form again - we haven't had a winning bet since Brown Panther on the 16th June! Thankfully I follow the basic system bets as well which has dampened the pain of the losing streak but I'm still down £317 for the month on 4PA bets.

Nervy about Goodwood coming up as well - last year was a complete disaster and with none of my big guns performing too well at the moment doesn't help the feeling!

Suppose the highs and lows are to be expected and overall the year is still looking good.


Anonymous said...

It would be very interesting to see if you would have made more or less profit from SLH's selections if you were to have backed them all at level stakes of £25 each-way instead of your current staking policy. Many of his win-only selections finish 2nd or 3rd and maybe more profit could be generated by backing every selection each-way. Please analyse his 2011 selections and provide month-by-month profit figures. Also, are you able to confirm the current points profit for July for SLH? I assume it is a negative figure but please confirm.

Anonymous said...

are you sure systematic tip up hong kong island? as one o f there selections.

mrh-beats said...

Apologies - Hong Kong Island was tipped by Northern Monkey not Systematic.

SLH - I have -3.94 points for July so far. So not great but could be quickly turned around!

Will have a look at different staking for SLH to see what it comes up at. Good shout.

Anonymous said...

Another two points lost by SLH today. July has proved to be another bad month - here's hoping the next six months are better than they were this time last year. Dominant just didn't have the class to beat an impeccable Cecil horse this afternoon. I was trackside at York and the Cecil horse looked stunning in the paddock - full of rippling muscle - whereas Dominant looked a bit second-rate. I wasn't surprised to see him well outpaced by the winner in the final furlong. SLH should take a holiday and turn his attention back to National Hunt horse racing.

mrh-beats said...

SLH is no flat specialist that's for sure but I understood he was bringing more people in to help.

It's not too bad - 1 winning bet could turn the month round.