Monday, July 11, 2011

June Update

Finally managed to finish my June analysis - here's the table and graph;

Year to date graph;
So... overall another decent month with Steve Lewis Hamilton, Equine Turnover and 4PA all delivering the majority of profit.

Made a decent profit with Equine Investments but the big problem was prices this month so hard to match the headline profit.

YTD looks good now and continues to tick up in the right direction. Lets see if it continues!

Pretty happy with my portfolio at the moment - I may add a couple of services run by SBC over the next couple of days - am mulling it over - but will be good to have another football service in there.


Anonymous said...

Hi, would you mind letting me know what the average points-profit per month is in the time you have been following SLH? Also, what is his worst losing streak in terms of points since you have been a member? I am currently looking into betting banks. SBC recommend doubling the tipster's longest losing run in terms of points. If SLH's worst loss of points was say 15 points then a betting bank of 30 points should suffice. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences. Thanks.

mrh-beats said...

Hi - thanks for your note. I will tot up the figures and let you know via a post.

First thing is I wouldn't recommend a small betting bank - I'd say a minimum of 50-100 points to give you protection from wipe out.

Will be back in touch with further info.

elist said...

Good balans!From tomorrow I will have 2 weeks free trial with Horse Betting Analyst,seems ,that this service have good rezults,but let see .I too think to try someone new services ,but still think who should be,hesitate -Pro Bandit ,or Horse Betting Analyst ,or other.

elist said...

I still wait my first winner with SLH...I hope,that will soon.–°an you tell me how many wins and how many losses have SLH for june and with what odds was winners?Thanks!

mrh-beats said...

Elist - not come across Horse Betting Analyst - let me know how it goes!