Sunday, July 31, 2011

Excuses excuses...

Sorry i've not been on for a while. My 'real' job has been somewhat hectic over the last while and clearly that takes priority. Anyway just a quick post to say I'll pop my part 2 of the Steve Lewis Hamilton review on the blog late tonight - just working through the figures today.

Hope u all had a profitable Goodwood. Think I treaded water at best from the looks of things. Good to see 4pa having some winners though and there were a couple of very near misses again which would've landed bumper payouts!


elist said...

I not have profit from Goodwood.Only yesterday was good,but only return loses money from friday.
This month july I try some new services-HorseBettingAnalyst,NorthernMonkey,CD D DailyBargain,HerbieFogg,SLH and PJA Racing Flat.This month I not have profit from N.Monkey and SLH.Other services seems good for this first month.
Was very bad month for Marcet Examiner,but I hope,that soon again will come winners with Sam.

The Bankbuilder said...


Would you want to exchange links?
Thank you


elist said...

I lose this first month with SLH.In last time I see,that SLH give me tips,which I receive before 2-3 hours from other services.I not know what to do think,but will wait 1 month and will decide for this service-with SLH or no .

mrh-beats said...

Hi Elist -Yeah uninspiring Goodwood again for me. Definitely SLH is a late tipster with his 1pm calls - he says he does it because he likes market to settle and get the info from contacts.

Hi Jake - will do and will have a nose at your blog.