Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steve Lewis Hamilton - Updated Review (Part 1)

It's sometime ago since I reviewed Steve Lewis Hamilton and the time I did it was the beginning of what felt a long treading water period. The purpose of the latest review is to provide a few answers to questions that I've been asked on the blog.

The last review was on the 27 March 2010. There is a bit of gap between then and the start of this review which begins from June 2010 and there's also a period where my records are incomplete but I am hoping this paints a picture for you looking for information.

Today I'll just focus on an update on points profit month on month from June 2010 upto June 2011 and here's the table;

As you can see there was a long lean period from June 2010 to January 2011 but things have certainly perked up from February onwards. Overall ROI for the 13 months still sits at an impressive 18% but the June to Jan was tough. I know I've missed some bets but there wasn't much else in the period.

Feb - Jun 11 we have an exceptional ROI of 62% and while results haven't been as "meteoric" as they were in 2009 - the profit has been ticking over very nicely and SLH is a key part of my portfolio - and despite the long lean period I'm still a loyal member of the service.

I'll have a look at some more detail in the next few days and some further analysis / thoughts but hope that helps in the meantime.


elist said...

Thanks for information,bad 2010 for SLH,good 2011.

elist said...

Very bad last week for my.When will come my membership for Sistematic Betting and Equine....I hope soon.