Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shaky Ground

Wasn't particularly excited about "Glorious" Goodwood in the lead up and nothing in the last 2 days has really changed my feelings about it!

4PA's dismal run of form continues with a 5 point whitewash on Tuesday and no bets today. Feels like a lack of confidence as well as although Frankel came up as a 4/5 system bet this morning PCB passed on it - seemed like decent value when you see it go off at 8/13 SP. Lets hope things will turn around - really need to as all profit in 2011 has been completed wiped out over the month of July for 4PA and I always bet small stakes on the basic system bets - would be a lot worse without them.

Does feel like 4PA is on shaky ground - while long term profit figures are excellent - and there's a lot to like about the service - it's not overly cheap and 7 months into the year we're in negative - think you should expect more from a premium service. HOWEVER one dog year doesn't make a dog life.

Not much really going my way today with Equine and Equine Turnover both drawing a blank today with a number of bets although Systematic continues to plug away quietly and efficiently.

Disappointing overall though - maybe day 3 will change things......


The Bankbuilder said...


Would you like to exchange links?

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Please can you confirm the current profit in points for the Steve Lewis Hamilton Private Service for the month of July following today's winning account bet and also the total profit in points for 2011?

Anonymous said...

I am considering joining the SLH Private Service. I need to know whether to follow his points system and use £100 per point as illustrated on his website or whether to back each selection at £100 each-way regardless of what he suggests. Need your analysis ASAP.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon (1) - Will bring my figures up to date asap - really behind with my figures. Probably a small loss for July depending on todays result which I haven't see yet.

Hi Anon (2) - yeah got there with a small number of stats - I would say there's some gas in the e/w bet rather than staking - will smooth out returns if that's interesting to you but more profit in the 1-2point staking i follow