Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stan James - an update

Well my account with Stan James has now been closed and my balance transferred to my bank account! Think they'd had enough when I won a couple more bets on my restricted level.

Here's an edited version of my chat online with them. The most interesting comment being at 10.57.26pm regarding arbitration and 35%!

10:51:14 PM [SJ] Hello, Welcome to Stan James Live Support, how may I help you
10:51:38 PM [me] Hi - it looks like my account has been cleared of fund automatically - i don't remember making a withdrawal
10:53:20 PM [SJ] your account has been closed by our Traders, we have sent a email to you regarding this
10:53:45 PM [me] I didn't get an email - when was it sent?
10:53:48 PM [SJ] Please check your junk email as well please
10:54:11 PM [SJ] it was sent a few days ago
10:54:52 PM [me] Nope no email in my junk mail either. I had a chat with someone who said you were restricting my account but that was it - why the further change!!!
10:55:14 PM [SJ] the account is closed and can not be reopened
10:55:50 PM [me] Wonderful service. I managed to make £600 from you and you close my account!! Man alive! Not much of a bookie!
10:57:26 PM [SJ] I will be honest with you, you are beating us by 35% and also our Traders believe that you are using the account for Arbitration purposes
10:58:27 PM [me] Well I was on a lucky streak - I certainly wasn't arbing - surely that can be seen by the amounts I bet - thanks for the honest though. I presume there is no way of turning this round?
10:59:08 PM [SJ] I am afraid not....sorry

So there you go!


elist said...

It is not bookmaker,it is parody.They will lose their customers.

Anonymous said...

Since you've been a member of SLH, can you give a profit/loss in points by month? I need to know how an average year pans out and how profits/losses are spread out. For instance, over the last twelve months, how many months have recorded a loss?

mrh-beats said...

Elist - well said - unfortunately they don't mind losing customers who beat them!

Anon - yes can provide that info - just need to sit down and prepare and I'll add a post to the blog.