Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awful August

Well after painting the happy clappy picture of July, August is proving to be a bit of a stinker of a month with a draw down of £809 since 2 August - which means that I'm 21% down from my peak in just 14 days which is quite astonishing.

Clearly I've once again increased my stake for Systematic at the wrong time - a lesson learned I suppose as 26 points down on the month at £20 a point accounts for a lot of the drawdown. Unfortunately neither Steve Lewis Hamilton or Equine Investments have performed particularly well this month and I was lucky enough to completely miss Steve's call today at 4.30pm as he'd put down another 2 point loser.

It should just be a blip in the long march upwards but so far it's been a pretty hefty correction.

August 2010 was a dreadful month so I'm not holding out much hope for the rest of the month and my big meet nerves are jangling again as the Ebor festival starts tomorrow.... The weather forecast looks ok tomorrow but with some big fields it all adds up to.....

Will things change?

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