Saturday, August 20, 2011

A day to forget

Just on my way out for a good drink after what has been a truely awful day of punting. One runner still to go which won't make much difference and I have my head in my hands!!!

Bad results all round - but made worse by my own forgetfulness. Didn't put the system bet on from 4PA at 8/1 and it romped home and forgot to put a Bfsp tip from Systematic as I was out and about when it came through and betfair mobile doesn't support sp bets for some reason so figured I'd do it when I got home... You know the rest of the story and that was at least 90 quid gone. So £130 minimum winnings lost cause of stupidity and from what I can see these were the only 2 winning bets of the day!!!!!!

Sods law and the icing on a shit cake of a day.

Dust down and take stock tomorrow - meanwhile maybe tonights trip to the casino will be profitable...


elist said...

Bad month for my.After good start with free trial 2 weeks with Horse Betting Analist,this month he have around 35 pt lose...Bad month again for Market Examiner,SLHamilton.Maybe I will try and next month this service.Again good month for PJA Racing Flat,for CD DayBargain,Northern Monkey.From this month I subscribe with Equine Turnover and Will Lattirmore.Let see.But I will give 1 month chance on SLH and HB Analyst.If and next month bad,will stop with this services.I not can wait 5 months and only lose.

mrh-beats said...

Tough old month. Good stuff re Equine Turnover - performing well - lets hope it continues.

Will lattirmore I've not heard - will have a look