Monday, August 15, 2011

July Update - Part 2

Here's the YTD graph to end of July;

So to end of July a pleasing picture and a sharp upward line from May onwards. In the back of my mind I'm looking at a pretty awful August shaping up and I suppose an adjustment was inevitable.

Where does leave each service points wise YTD - see table below;

Not surprising to see Systematic and Steve Lewis Hamilton top of the pile. Also points-wise Northern Monkey performing well relative to other services.

No real changes into August other than I've upped my stake for Systematic Betting to £20 per point. Not the right time to do it as I've dropped 23 points on Systematic in August!! I should warn other Systematic subscribers every time I up my stakes!! Same happened with the move from £10 - £15.

Does mean that Systematic dominates the portfolio and will influence strongly performance for remainder of year.

Broadly ok with how things are going across the portfolio though and no plans for radical change.

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