Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who do I follow?

No posts for ages and then loads at once!! What's happening??

A quick update for those asking on who I follow and my staking;

Steve Lewis Hamilton - £25 per point (max 2 points per bet). Probably should be higher to match subs cost.

Equine Investments - 20% of recommended stakes. Definitely needs to be higher to match subs cost. A big dilemma.

Equine Turnover - 20% of recommended stakes.

Northern Monkey - £10 per point. Trialing this service this year so happy with staking. Easy to profit due to low subs.

Football Elite - £25 per point. Not sure whether to up stakes - last year put me off but long term profit is there.

4PA - £20 per point. Probably not enough.

Systematic Betting - £20 per point. Have slowly moved up from £5 to £20 per point during the period I've been a member. Ideally want to get more but need a large bank for this one!

Mr Gekko - £?? per point. Haven't decided yet on this one for this season.

Market Examiner - £5 per point. Am trialing this service as well so happy with staking. Low cost makes this viable.

This year I also followed Neural and EW Value who both stopped tipping, Roger Green Racing who wasn't cutting the mustard and The Nagman who I felt was going nowhere.

I'll get subs figures and post these some point soon.


Anonymous said...

Very poor effort from the SLH selection tonight. Advised at 8/1 and drifted to 14/1 (20/1 on Betfair). Always last & never going. Someone clearly knew the horse was not going to be trying. "The Banker"

Jonathan said...

The horse referred to above was a complete donkey - it tailed off before half-way and I cannot understand why SLH suggested backing it at all.

I really hope SLH can get some winners today. I am pinning my hopes on Duncan at York and Grandad Bill at Perth. I have backed them as win singles as advised but have also put them together in a small each-way double. Here's hoping for some luck at last because August has been terrible so far. If both these horses lose today, I think I may just give up on horse racing altogether - there's no guarantee of winning and it becomes very stressful on these long losing runs as betting banks simply erode away day after day/week after week and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness takes over.

Good luck to you anyway and I hope your luck turns soon. You run a great blog and it has been interesting following it this year - your statistical analysis in particular has been excellent.

mrh-beats said...

Jonathan thanks for your comments. No luck on the Slh tips today but a small return on the double at least. I did the same as you. Terrible month for steve so far

You're right been a truely awful month - bang the same last year and I did feel like quitting as it's alot of effort and expense to do this but stick in - things can't get much worse???

Wizardbet said...

An interesting range of tipsters you follow mrh-beats. I haven't heard much of a couple, so certainly interesting tracking them. I am aware of Systematic, Northern Monkey and Market Examiner and feel you are in good in hands there. Very best of luck in your gambling and look forward to further posts.

mrh-beats said...

Wizardbet - thanks for your comments - much appreciated.