Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Update - Steve Lewis Hamilton

I know a couple of people were keen to find out SLH performance in July before considering joining - and someone had mentioned an 8 point profit for the month.

Well for July I had just a whisker under a 4 point profit. 17 bets with 25.5 points staked giving a excellent ROI of 15.56%. Definitely missed out on a few points as I missed the best prices available so 8 is quite possible and if a 3 pointer came in then I've lost points there - annoyingly i think King in Waiting was a 3 point bet so that was probably the 4 points I missed.

Could've been a bumper month if Lost in the moment had come in at 16/1. I watched the race on replay - so unlucky.

YTD looking good - my figures giving me a 67.75 point profit - this produces a mighty ROI of 40%. No other tipster can match that as far as I'm aware.

Someone else mentioned the staking - definitely something I'm about to look into - level amount vs. points.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Hi how are systemic getting on for you they are meant to be one of the best out their..

laurence said...

SHL is fairly sound and i wouldnt put anyone off joining his service . However ,there are others producing better results on a consistent basis with RoI in the region of 60%pa from around 700 bets . The thing is these guys are closed shops , the braidleys , stavers and waters dont need more members so you dont hear of them anymore .

Anonymous said...

I really need to see your next SLH review regarding level stakes betting. I joined the service on 1st July and have made zero points profit so far. This week has been dull and there is no possibility of any account business until Tuesday. Please post your figures.

Anonymous said...

I'd run a mile from any tipster recommending a 50-point bank as necessary. If I was to bet £100 per point, it would imply I should be prepared to lose £5,000 by following their advice - a nonsense. If I pay a thousand pounds to subscribe to a tipster I expect not to have to lose five thousand pounds following their advice. I personally would allocate a thirty point bank to every tipster - if they lose that then I'll stop following them. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know more about your life as a gambler. When did your interest in betting begin? Did you begin by betting on the horses without the advice of specialist tipsters or have you always followed the advice of others? Did your decision to follow the advice of specialist tipsters stem from a failure to make money betting on your own? Do you have any financial goals in terms of overall profit for each year after the deduction of subscription costs? What is your total spend per year on subscription costs in order to follow the advice of your selected tipsters?

Anonymous said...

Mate, please update your blog more often. Please provide tipsters points profit year-to-date.

Anonymous said...

Please update figures. What is SLH YTD in terms of points profit?

Bettingguy said...

Enjoyable blog - thanks for taking the time to do it.

You have too many 'anonymous' posters for the feedback to be clear.

Don't understand why you don't just refer some of your posters to SLH. When I was a member they answered any queries I had.

mrh-beats said...

Anon (1) - systematic going well - will put some more details in my June update.

Laurence - thanks for your comment - never heard of these guys you mention so thanks for the info. Always intriguing - certainly won't see them on SBC anytime soon I presume!!

Anon (2) - hopefully latest figures help you - certainly Summer isn't ever SLH's best time of the year.

Anon (3) - yeah I take your point and I suppose it's about how much volatility you are willing to take - a tipster who went on a 50 point drawdown but then produced a 200 point run can produce better returns than one that just ticks up slowly. Think it's always good to work with a bank - but it's always about what you are comfortable with.

Anon (4) - I'll post some thoughts on that and thanks for your questions - certainly made me think about it myself.

Anon (5/6) - hopefully bringing things up to date now!

Bettingguy - thanks for your comment. Would be good if people were a bit more open - certainly would build a bit more of a rapport. Good point re SLH - think some of the stuff I do is for myself which I like to share but as you say I've never had huge problems with their communication - especially when you can just pick up the phone to them. I've done my reviews and will just do updates now!

Anonymous said...

If Steve Lewis Hamilton and his brother Rob Lewis Hamilton bothered to list all bets (winners and losers) on their website or proofed their tips to a proofing service in the public domain then it would be easier to evaluate their success and failure. As it is their website merely cherry-picks various winners - some of which are not even recent - and gives no indication with regards to the profit year-to-date. I would like to see a complete list of results provided on the SLH website. You are providing a better proofing and analysis service on your blog as JP did with his.

mrh-beats said...

Anon (12 Aug) - thanks for your comment - just picked up now as it had gone into spam. There's no argument with that comment and I'm not sure why they don't do that as the results are good enough not to hide. Frustrating. Anyway glad the info I provide helps.