Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living in the sticks

Been away for the bank holiday weekend, hence the lack of activity on the blog.

Managed to get most of the bets on but I was visiting someone who lives in the sticks yesterday with no wifi so missed a few bets despite going to the top of a hill to get a flicker of a reception from Orange!! Betfair mobile on 1G doesn't work very well. LOL. It reaches a point where some days you just need to put the phone down and enjoy a wee break.

Anyhow doesn't look like I missed much. Working through the updates and likely will do my next post on Thursday with a review of August.

Only other thought is multi - tipped horses are doing my head in at the moment - The bells o peover being the latest villian today!! So much for these being gold - more like glue!!

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