Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The rot hasn't stopped

Another poor day today with only Systematic and Northern Monkey posting a profit - wasn't enough to cover losing bets from Steve Lewis Hamilton, Equine, 4pA and a shocker of a day from Market Examiner who lost 7 points today.

Particularly poor time of it from Market Examiner in August although as Sam's email said tonight still within strike rate parameters. To be fair I joined the service after a long period of putting profit on - invariably the worst time to join a service - and this losing spell statistically wasn't unlikely.

Results from the Ebor mixed with little action but 4PA producing 2 losers but Northern Monkey getting a 10/1 shot right and Systematic only bet at York coming in at 11/2.

So 12 losing days out of 17 in August now - will tomorrow be any different???

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