Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Update - Part 1

Well the August review makes pretty grim reading with poor results pretty much all round with a couple of notable exceptions.

Note that I missed a few bets over the month so my results will not match any official figures.

This set of results means I post a loss of £1,057 for August which isn't great but is better than it was 2/3rds through the month when I was down £1,500!!

Only positives were Equine Turnover and Northern Monkey. Hats off to Northern Monkey who are my most consistent performer of the year - 6 winning months in a row. No other tipster can now match that on my list with Steve Lewis Hamilton posting a heavy loss in August.

Equine Main disappointing for August and it looks like Equine Turnover is outperforming the main service. Maybe not in cash terms but in ROI most definitely. Interesting in itself.

Certainly joined Market Examiner at a bad time and got my £20 stake wrong for Systematic Betting but suspect that with getting right prices I'd have been close to breaking even with systematic in August. Will be interested to see how my loss of 18 points matches the headline figure.

Will updater further tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have some of your services all of mine are in the sbc since i joined almost a year ago i have been let down with the results poor to say the least. I have no confidence in them anymore and even less in sbc who i am very unhappy with.

Hard to know where to go from here if these are the best services out their then it looks pretty hopeless. sorry for the negative post but it reflects my time with these services.

mrh-beats said...

Yeah - some of them have been disappointing.

It's difficult to get things right and timing of joining services at the wrong time has been my downfall.

Where's your feeling about SBC coming from?

Ben said...

Are you sure only lost 12 points with SLH in August?! I lost almost 20 points over the course of the month.

This week has been typical of SLH - nothing 'strong' enough for six days - yet we had to pay to ring his line to find out - and then he served up a real donkey yesterday which couldn't jump, couldn't run, had no stamina and was being ridden by one of the worst jockeys in the business. It is laughable that Steve considered this 'strong account business'. That guy needs his head checking.

mrh-beats said...

Ben - thanks for your comment. Yeah I got "lucky" I suppose - I was out and about for work and missed two SLH bets which saved me at least 4 points. My max points is 2 as well so I'm sure Behest was a 3 pointer at the start of the month which lost so that saved me another point. So that would've taken me to -17 points. I can't see how it goes down to -20 though?

I didn't watch the race - very quiet week though and typical at this time of year. Looking forward to the NH season proper starting and then I think we'll get some good bets coming in. Certainly frustrating.