Sunday, February 5, 2012

Correction and Update

Probably worth starting the update with a correction. Got my Steve Lewis Hamilton figure for January wrong as it should be -8 points and not -15 as stated. Was still dividing by my old 1 pt = £25 calculator when of course it's £50 level stakes for me now.

Quiet week due to the weather but very disappointing with £194 dropped from the account bringing year to date total to £36. Bit of deja vu going on here! Hopefully Cheltenham Festival can be good as last year!

Was a good feeling to start on my financial trades, after a winning start there was nothing happening on Friday as you are advised not to trade on "Non Farm Payroll" day although I did observe that I would've had a winning trade if I'd got involved - but sticking to the rules is the right thing at the moment. Learning all the time!

Hopefully things will pick up in the coming days both in terms of activity and profit!


Daryll said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton's Private Service is 10.5 points down for January to advised, minimum prices. That is how I do my calculations and that is how he should do his calculations.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Daryll - I think he does do that?

I do my calcs on level stakes as that's what I bet.

The Boss said...

Minus 10.5 points is the correct SLH figure for 2012. I follow his bets to 100 quid unit stakes as recommended on his website. I am 1,050 quid down so far this year. I am not a happy bunny. Still, Cheltenham is round the corner.

mrh-beats said...

Thanks Boss - I'm not disagreeing with that figure, I am always going to post my figures rather than what anyone else stakes after all it's "My Betting Life" ;-)

As you say Cheltenham is round the corner and we can do with a good one!