Thursday, February 9, 2012

A nothing week

Quiet week on the horses as the deep freeze in the South continues. A couple of inches of snow and the whole place grinds to a halt!! LOL.

There's been a bit of activity from Equine, Systematic and Northern Monkey but nothing to write home about and I sit with a small deficit to the week.

Difficult week on the financial spreads this week with Mon-Wed all losing but a nice return to winning ways today with a 22 pip profit - to you and me with my 50p stakes that's £11 up! Trying to build my bank here before jumping in with bigger numbers.

I am mulling over an idea that will take me to the end of March / April and will help me revamp my portfolio. Will keep you posted once I've made a final decision.

One thing it's worth mentioning is that I've joined Form Lab Lite SBC which gives me access to the highly profitable daily reports and lets me do some analysis for personal bets. It's a free trial for 28 days and then £150 for three months. If things are as good as made out then I'll easily be able to make some money on the back of this info. (Famous last words!)

Will keep you posted on that as well!


Steve said...

It's not to do with the snow. The ground conditions are frozen making it dangerous for the horses, especially on the jumps courses. Steve

Steve said...

Frozen courses are to do with temperature not snow.

mrh-beats said...

Sorry Steve - I was being facetious -and mocking southern softies!

Graham said...

If only the new whip rules could be applied to some of the jockeys. Whoever was riding the SLH selection today was lamentable in every way - watch the race if you haven't done so. I thought Steve said he knew which jockeys to side with in terms of the new whip rules. I do not believe a word that man says anymore.