Monday, February 6, 2012

Day after Day....

Another poor day on the betting front with the only bright spot provided by the Market Examiner with See The Legend doing the business for us.

Market Examiner are the only service in profit for the month from 2 bets - lets hope we can maintain the 50% strike rate. Lol.

Disappointment from my 2nd financial trade with a £21 loss - I think the phrase walk before you can run would've summed up my shenanigans on that front today. Every day is a school day I suppose.

The poor weather continues to mess up the race cards so not sure how this week will pan out.

Anyway thought it was a good opportunity to roll out the 2011 days of the week analysis to see where we ended up on that front;

Monday +£1,215
Tuesday +£1,664
Wednesday +£1,402
Thursday -£822
Friday +£1,661
Saturday -£469
Sunday £526

Compared to where I was in September both Thursday and Saturday have ended up in a better place rather than increasing losses. Interesting though still losing days. The blame originally was lying firmly with Systematic Betting but this is no longer the case with a healthy profit on Saturday by the end of the year.

The culprits really have been Mr Gekko Bets and Football Elite, both of course performing poorly and both with the majority of tips on a Saturday. Roger Green Racing didn't help either.

However looking at Thursday things get a bit more interesting as the big negatives have been from SLH, Piecost and Systematic Betting. Why Thursday? Is racing poor on a Thursday or just a weakness for system based betting. Equine Turnover on the other hand bizarrely looks like half their profit has come from Thursday bets..... Go Figure!

Perhaps once we look at 2,3,4 years data then things will even out but worthy of a debate anyway. To early to make anything of 2012 figures yet but I will keep an eye on!


Anonymous said...

Really disappointed with Football Elite. Last season was bad, but this season has been terrible. I think Matt has lost the plot. His All Weather Racing tips service is also in shocking form. My betting bank has gone bust through following a portfolio of SLH Private Service, Football Elite, AWWinners and Equine Investments Main Service. I am going to take the rest of the year off from betting and see if I can live without the excitement or, rather, the depression of watching my betting bank erode week and week, bet after bet.

Anonymous said...

Mate, you are following too many services, your portfolio is too big and your stakes are too small. I would strongly advise ditching Equine Investments and Steve Lewis Hamilton. Both there services are overpriced and have been underperforming for months.