Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well racing is back in business and I'm not particulary sure that is a good thing as the old account has taken a bit of a pummelling over the last 48 hours with nearly £400 dropped. Highly unusual for midweek and highly disappointing. The wry observation that I might lose my bank with so many services may have more truth than I thought. A long way from that though.

I noticed also today I have over a grand sitting in ante post bets on betfair - will be flying high if those deliver!

The only bright spots being Formlab and The football analyst bringing the goods home yesterday!

Thanks for the comments - I haven't had a chance to review or reply just yet.

So my experiment hasn't started too well but my observation is there's a lot to like about both Hudson and Herbie Fogg.

On the financial side - case of two steps forward one step back at the moment. Didn't follow the rules today and lost a tenner. My own fault as I wouldve made a profit otherwise.

Tomorrow is another day - although it is Thursday - which are usually stinkers!

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