Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Farewell February

Well the 29th of February and the month goes out with a.... whimper.

A massive £4 profit today but at least it wasn't a negative figure!!

Nice to see Systematic Betting back on song with 5.5 profit and Market Examiner turned their poor run around. No luck again from the big hitters with Steve Lewis Hamilton and Equine Turnover failing to deliver. I think SLH have had 15 losers in a row now. Yikes!

Am working on my figures and will review February shortly. So we're into March and the racing is usually dire in the run up to Cheltenham so it's going to be tricky.

Interesting to note Equine are changing the structure of the service for the up and coming season to a pay per profit type service with the main and turnover recombining. The fee's don't stack up against my staking so Equine Investments Main and Equine Investments Turnover will be disappearing from my portfolio from the end of this A/W season. That's 2 down from my list!

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