Monday, February 27, 2012


I've just read the post I blogged on Saturday night - I'd had a few pints by then so it was a bit of a revelation that I'd written that! Thought it was quite coherent nonetheless...

Any way after a bit of a nothing weekend (no real gain / no real loss) we're on to another week. I'm a bit behind with my figures so not sure where Feb has gone but I know it won't be good. Betfair is showing me down £850 for the month which will be the worst month since August 2011 and really not how I wanted the year to start.

It will be good to get into March and forget about Feb!

As for today, good winners from Equine Turnover and Hudson. Poor day for Systematic and Piecost (who had another whitewash), down £60.

My financial trading continues and I posted a £10 profit today - still not made a huge amount of progress with this but it's a learning experience.

I've responded to comments for those interested.


Anonymous said...

Hi i left the comments about market examiner a few days ago i dont feel i gave enough credit to the service in terms of their customer service it is very good one of the best out their. The point i made about whingeing we all do it plenty of it backing horses is very unfair at times. But the point i was making is at times i feel they are making an excuse for the poor results by pointing out their selection finished second. Maybe that is not the case just my view hope their results improve.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon - Thanks for posting this - appreciate your comments! I do follow Market Examiner e/w so 2nd is ok for me!