Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm on the train home from Newcastle after watching a rather dismal game of football where I'd thought we'd sown it up and then we put our feet up and let them take the game. Annoying.

One of the guys commented last night to say as long as you have the right betting bank then why are you stressing. And he's absolutely right, there is no stress. However I spend my betting life treading water and I'd like to change that.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Blue Sky Racing?

Anonymous said...

Is it time to ditch half of your services and have a more stream-lined portfolio?

zai said...

hows slh doing

Anonymous said...

I posted here a few days ago about how bad things are going. I know how bad things are going for you also i seen the comment somebody left about you having the right betting bank.

just because you have the correct betting bank in place doesnt mean you shouldent worry about the results. it is your hard earned cash at stake and it is being washed away every week by people that charge a service for what they do.

what i have found is none of these services take any sort of blame for their results market examiner whinge about having a lot of seconds thats racing all the other horses have to be beaten that is all we hear is excuses time and time again this is what they are supposed to be experts in. if they can make a profit be honest and tell us ffs.

one final point the other person that posted said he was with on the nose and will lattimore. I am also with them in fairness to the guy that runs on the nose he stopped providing selections because he was having such a rotten time of it. But the guy that runs will lattimore service is unbelivebale he has had about five rotten months out of six constant losers and not once has he been in touch with members about it he is an example of all that is wrong with these services. rant over take out the bit about will lattimore if you dont want to publish that part .. good luck

mrh-beats said...

Hi Anon 1 - No but I have heard of them - I thought the subs were something crazy like £2k pa?

Hi Anon 2 - absolutely and I expect to have no more than 5-6 services by the 1st April. That's the experiment I'm running at the moment!

Hi Anon 3 - thanks for posting again - I think there is some merit in the betting bank argument as if you have the right bank then you should be able to take the swings. However one thing the betting bank doesn't take into account, as you say, is the charges that are incurred for following a service and you must factor these in when following a service.

I don't know the Will Lattimore service so can't comment but regarding Market Examiner - while results haven't been perfect - you can't fault Sam for being up front and honest and displaying things as they are. At least you know where you stand and you can make a choice on whether you continue with the hard facts that are presented. My time with Market Examiner hasn't gone particularly well either but thank goodness for the communication that isn't available on other services. Plus you've got to hand it to Market Examiner for adding days to the subs when racing has been off.

Look I know that making money is the name of the game here and that's really all that matters but at least we're not being conned and deceived!

Keep the chin up - we'll make a mint at Cheltenham!!

The Market Examiner said...

Thanks for the support MRH.

We certainly were not "whinging" and I very much hope it didn't come across that way!



mrh-beats said...

Sam - no worries, not whinging in my book. It's exasperating sometimes this business!