Monday, February 13, 2012


Looks like I got into Hudson just in time. Doors have closed to new members from today.

I've been late getting bets on and noticed big price shifts so looks like I will need to be on the ball. So far so good though.


David said...

There has been a lot of discussion on your blog about Steve Lewis Hamilton.

I have conducted my own detailed analysis of the SLH Private Service since August 2011, which I thought I would share with you.

I follow his Private Service bets to level stakes of £200 (£200 win or £100 each-way).


Number of bets: 14

Won: 1 Regal Realm (2/1)
Placed: 1 Beacon Lodge (8/1)
Lost: 12

Profit/Loss: -9.00 points


Number of bets: 9

W: 3 Jeu De Roseau (4/1), Masked Marvel (15/2), Fountains Flypast (11/4)
P: 0
L: 6

Profit/Loss: +8.25 points (Cumulative: -0.75 points)


Number of bets: 14

W: 2 Mohanad (6/1), Wherrimon (3/1)
P: 1 Immortal Verse (7/1)
L: 11

Profit/Loss: -1.25 points (Cumulative: -2.00 points)


Number of bets: 16

W: 3 Celestial Halo (2/1), Grand Crus (2/1), Prophete De Guye (8/1)
P: 0
L: 13

Profit/Loss: -1.00 points (Cumulative: -3.00 points)


Number of bets: 9

W: 2 Thanks For Coming (4/1), Red Tanbar (8/1)
P: 0
L: 7

Profit/Loss: +5.00 points (Cumulative: +2.00 points)


Number of bets: 16

W: 2 Everaard (3/1), Corkage (5/2)
P: 0
L: 14

Profit/Loss: -8.50 points (Cumulative: -6.50 points)


Number of bets: 3

W: 0
P: 0
L: 3

Profit/Loss: -3.00 points (Cumulative: -9.50 points)

Total Profit/Loss (net): £-1,900 (£200 level stake x -9.50 points)

Subscription cost: £-975 (1st August 2011 - 31st July 2012)

Cost of mobile phone calls: £-90 (approx £15 per month)

Total Profit/Loss (gross): £-2,965

NB: My loss would have been greater if I had followed SLH's staking system. Level-stakes help to curb losing runs.

Anonymous said...

Have you joined Hudson's Premium Service or his Tipping Service?

Bettingguy said...

Here we go again: Lots of posts from a supposed range of members unhappy with SLH. However, too many of these posts bear the hallmark of an individual with an obvious grudge.

The above poster (‘David’) provides six months of past results, not profitable overall I grant you. But the loss has to be compared with the previous six months, which all made a profit

In his post ‘David’ refers to a lot of recent discussion regarding SLH. Most likely they are all from him under various different guises.

I recall JP’s blog having the same problem with posters using fictitious names. It seemed odd so many ex-Sheff Wed players wanted to comment about SLH. It is a shame that this blog is being overwhelmed and distorted by someone with an obsession.

To prevent the plethora of anonymous posts, have you considered adopting a policy of registered users only for your comments?

mrh-beats said...

Hi David - it's not been a winning period granted but as "Betting Guy" says you can take a snapshot of results and show whatever you want. You should also proportion your subs down to the period that you've covered and not subtract the whole 975.

Hi Anon - it's just the tipping service - I don't think the premium service has been running that long and too early to follow just yet although I am keeping an eye on results.

Hi BettingGuy - thanks for your comment - you are totally right. I post a few if I think they are worthy of posting - perhaps reflective of the recent bad run. You will not be surprised to hear for every one comment I publish there about 20 deleted.

Maybe I've been naive and I certainly don't want the blog to be over-run and ruined by nutters and JP did tell me he had similar problems but if the post has something relevant or current to say than I will publish.

I am however learning to be more selective. Appreciate what you are saying though. Hope you enjoy the blog otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Alright mate ,I've posted before and read you and other comments,I have been through all your services and at moment follow systematic/slh/n monkey& trial Paul hale ex ph sports .
What really pisses me off is the short sightedness of some posters if they don't like a service drop it and move on but don't waffle on bearing grudges,mark little wood has had a lean ten days but you won't see me slagging him off!
We are all grown men and I very much doubt all the negative posters even part with a subscription fee so if they can't handle losing periods then they should go shopping with there ****ing wife's.
A service can only be judged over a min of 1 year,
Ps was thinking of giving the football analyst a bash,have you any info on it
Cheers baz

mrh-beats said...

Baz - thanks for your comment. Yeah you're right about the short termism of some punters and I'm a bit fed up with the moaning I get on the comments. In particular about Slh. I've a bit naive in what I publish and respond to so have taken steps to address that. Yeah it's been a tough time with systematic but we know that'll there will be a burst of profit shortly! My blog is very much about my betting life and often is about the ups and downs. I struggle to cope sometimes with the losing runs and have never got used to the fact that you will have more losing days than winning ones!!

The football analyst is great although I wouldsuggest you follow some of the systems and not all - there's a huge number and woulde be hard IMO to follow all. II follow 7-21, 7-22, 8-21 and 8-22 only. Check out the website and drop Graeme a note for more info - he's a great bloke and very helpful.