Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post on A Punters Year

Good reference to the blog on A Punters Year site - always nice to know people read my rambles and that they make sense - just posted a comment on the site in response but thought it was worth recreating here;

Thanks for mentioning my blog and what I am trying to do on here. Thankfully my ramblings seem to make sense as I think you've pretty much captured my aims. Long and the short of it is that I didn't make a net profit last year despite posting over £5k in winnings. Think I am trying to achieve a few things;

1) Cost vs. Staking - my stakes have been too low for some of the "big hitter" services. I'm unlikely to be able to increase stakes so need to reduce costs.
2) Practicality - I have 12 services which I follow - a number I increased recently to live test a couple of perceived good services. Following 12 services is not practical in the medium to long term.
3) Improved Diversification - I have far too many services which means that I am having 3-4 bets in the one race which is diluting the profit. By reducing the of services I believe I will improve my diversification.
4) Availability of odds - some services shift prices within seconds making it impossible for a full time worker like me to get on at best price.

I wanted to run everything to end of March to get a good gut feel of how things are and then make a rational (rather than emotional) view on who the 6 services are.

I do agree that you should never switch services due to performance but you do need to bite the bullet eventually (like I've done with Tipping Legends, Roger Green Racing, The Mathematician etc).

Cheers and keep up the blogging - it's a great read!

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