Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another good day

Systematic Betting finally on a bit of a role with 6 days profit in a row. Longest run of profit since beginning of May. Market Examiner and Northern Monkey also contributed to todays profit and another very good day despite a poor day from Piecost and two losers from Steve Lewis Hamilton. Disappointing start to the NH season from Steve - and we are running through a plateau in performance of the service with zero progress since July. This does tend to happen with the service although I hope things turnaround soon as we progress into Steves area of expertise.

I've had a look at the stats from 4PA provided by SBC which make interesting analysis. If I had solely followed the basic system bets over 2011 at my current level of £20 per point then I would be £2.3k up on the year! Going back in 2010 this would've been £1.9k. Odds are rarely achievable on the service so lets reduce the 2011 profit by 30% and take the £399 sub into account - which would still mean that I would've made £1.2k net profit year to date.

So why has my profit only been £269 for 2011 - simple reason is that I'd followed the account bets for most of the year rather than the basic system and the official account record (at £20 per point) is only showing a £194 profit.

So what does this mean - well if I just continue to follow the basic system bets than there is decent profit to make despite the cost of subs and the odds of availability. The big question is - could i do it myself for free? The answer is probably not but I've decided to re-subscribe for a shorter period to get the basic system bets and at the same time look at whether it is easy or painful to work it out for myself. I suspect that its the latter rather than the former but will give it a go alongside the subscription and let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

If you joined Private Client Service you get the Heads Up bulletin early on a Saturday morning which gives the 4 pointers for 4PA selection. A good profitable seavice too!! and cheap. I haven't quite decided on rejoining 4PA. Good to see Systematic returning to form!Keep up the great blog

Anonymous said...

good to hear things are on the improve . as i said before and you aleady know systematic will always deliver over the long term . apart from their trainer stats systems their selections ie systems are based on fundamental form based positive impact values.

now then this 4PA system available from SBC , is it pricewise selection , biggest odds from ladbrokes , within 7lbs of RPR top rated and mentioned in the race trends section .


Steven - Betting Crunch said...


Just discovered your blog and looks interesting as I am looking for profitable services myself and I like your approach. Bookmarked!

I also added you to my blogroll but my blog is only a baby.

Hope you can add me too?

mrh-beats said...

Anon 1 - Ah really didn't know that - I will have a look. Thanks for your comment.

Steve - thanks v much. Have you filtered out any Systematic bets or do you still follow them all? Your assessment of 4PA isn't far from the truth - but the full details are on the sbc website.

Hi Steven - thanks for your comment - will add your site and have a nose. Good luck with what you do!

Roland Stamp said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton has been in shocking form. I joined the service on 1st August 2011 and have not made a single penny of profit in the last four months. I am extremely disappointed and quite annoyed. It costs a lot of money to follow his wretched Private Service and it has been a waste of my time and money. I have spent a lot backing his selections using his advised staking plan and have also racked up hefty phone bills obtaining the tips. Today's horse was not good enough - Ruby Walsh was always going to win the race on Rock on Ruby once push came to shove. Why were we backing yet another horse with a rotten amateur on board? I'm so tired of backing horses with lousy jockeys who bottle it when the going get tough. Well I have had enough. Steve Lewis Hamilton has cheated me out of a lot of money and has strung me along with false promises of profit - he even took a week or so off earlier in the Autumn to 'get everything in place for an exciting and lucrative NH season'. He's done nothing of the kind. The figures speak for themselves. I am not going to continue following his advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog, its good know to someone else is in the boat lol.
I'm currently following Northern monkey and slh plus I pick a few of my own but nothing serious.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if systematic have any available places ?

Anonymous said...


And Systematic delivers a stunning Saturday to end a fantastic week! It's funny, you know, a really slow start to the day and then.....BOOOOMM......that's the way it goes.


Anonymous said...

8 losers in a row now for SLH. No profit since 30th June. Today's selection drifted like a barge (9/2 out to 15/2 & much bigger on the exchanges). This is supposed to be his "best" part of the year for profits - doesn't bode well for the next few months I fear. His normal fortnight break over Xmas cannot come soon enough.

mrh-beats said...

Roland - certainly not been a good few months - tends to be a trait of the service - long fallow periods followed by short bursts of excellent profit - think we're due one of these shortly!

Anon 1 - thanks v much. Good luck with your betting!

Anon 2 - as far as I'm aware the service is full with a lengthy waiting list although I think there is some turnover due the nature of the service and the demands it places on a daily basis!

Steve - tremendous eh!! Lets hope it keeps going!

Anon 3 - definitely been a poor run. Fingers crossed things'll turn around - there have been worse runs than 8 losers. Hard work though.