Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well the title and graph says it all - since 30 June 2011 I have chugged along winning some days, losing other days, winning some weeks, losing some weeks and 4 months later the vicious circle continues.

Why is it happening??

Well i'm often criticized for having too many services so I did some quick analysis tonight on what would have happened if i hadn't been following one particular service over another and while there has been progressive growth with some services like Equine Turnover and Northern Monkey the remainder of services have pretty much flatlined at best since the turning point of the year. This surprised me - I'll be honest I thought Systematic Betting was the cause of the flatlining and while it has contributed to it - it's not the only service that is treading water at the moment. So unless I'd just followed Equine Turnover and Northern Monkey through pure chance then any mix of service would've delivered similar results.

Certainly a few services are due a change of fortune - Systematic, Piecost and Market Examiner are delivering plenty places that surely will bring wins instead over time but other services haven't performed - SLH, Equine and 4PA have all been below par for a long period.

So where do I go from here? How long do I wait for everything to turnaround - whether it is fortune, statistics or performance?

Answers on a postcard...


gus said...

i am betfair full-time trader since 4 years and since short time i started to trade for customers with a ROI of 35% per month on average.
If you are interested to join me or share trading views dont hesitate add me in msn or mail me in that adress.
good luck

elist said...

Piecost bad service for my.I lose 1 month with this bulshit and stop,amateurs service,no potential.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Gus - thanks for your note. Are you proofing your service anywhere?

Hi Elist - yeah its been a tough start to piecost - think it's a long term service though so best to stick it out for a few more weeks at the very least.