Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A couple of renewals have come up this week - a bit of a surprise but the timing is right - wish I'd planned better for these!

Steve Lewis Hamilton - pretty straightforward this one and will definitely re-subscribe.

4PA - now this one is slightly more thought provoking - firstly the short notice deadline of paying subs - I've got until Friday to decide. Admittedly there has been a long free extension on last years subs so can I really complain - probably not - so I will park my grump there!!

Also the price is the same as last year (but you can subscribe for a shorter period). The question really being - with the under performance of the "tips" vs. the simple "basic system" - is, should the price be the same? Especially considering that you can get the 4PA basic system for free and do the work yourself. Probably not - but could I do the work and get the bets on myself - probably not! So subs price aside, paying to get the basic system bets is probably worth it.

I do have an additional consideration to bring into the mix - what staking is required before I can make money on the service? I haven't made a net profit this year and made a small profit last year so I need to get a bit more ruthless on who I subscribe to and what the net return will be.

So my decision - pending - but the clock is ticking!


Anonymous said...

What is the 4PA basic system I'm intrigued ?


David said...

Hi mate. Great blog and enjoyable reading! Thought I'd share with you a service I have been subscribing to since March, gifthorse investments .... don't know if you know if them? Only charging £10 per month until end of the year and a good service in my opinion. Really knows his stuff and very helpful too, I also subscribe to Henry rix and I'm really disappointed as he charges so much and isn't that good! I'm always looking for good tipsters so will probably go with northern monkey after reading your thoughts about him.

Keep up the good work and good luck

Anonymous said...

Not a good day for SLH with a poor 3pt selection. No profit in the last 3 months now (to 31st July)

Anonymous said...

My, my, my what a quandary!! Just wondered whether you have considered the potential benefit of putting your eggs in one basket? I used to run a portfolio of services but got very frustrated when, in a six runner race, you found yourself backing 4 different selections, finding the winner and still making an overall loss!

Then there is the perennial problem of balancing the staking - what is each service worth in terms of bank width? and how big should the bank for that service be in relation to your overall bankroll?

Given that one of your services - Systematic - is a high volume service which often bets multiple selections in a single race - there was one at Newbury this afternoon with three selections - adding in additional bets from other services will always skew your overall returns.

5 consecutive days of profit for Systematic on my account at achieved prices - and I am really happy with that.

Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable read!



Anonymous said...

Why should you pay for 4pa when there stats are kite,bin them and let them prove that they have turned it round maybe in the next wee while,under performing services mean only 1 thing LOSS!

mrh-beats said...

Hi Steve - the 4PA (4 pronged attack) basic system is a relatively straightforward system that hinges around detail in the Racing Post. You can download it from the Secret Betting Club website if you are a member.

Hi David - thanks for your comment. Will have a look at Gifthorse Investments. I've come across Henry Rix before although never subscribed - think when you look at low cost services that deliver great profits you've got to be very VERY good at what you do to charge high subs - and very few services can do that - Equine, Sytematic, SLH are a few that live up to their subs in the long run. Good stuff re Northern Monkey - you may have to wait a while to join as I think there is a waiting list - but worth getting on or in if you can!

Anon - yeah another poor day from SLH.

S - thanks for your comment. Very good question - I originally only followed 2 services - Steve Lewis Hamilton and The Mathematician and did very well out of it. I subscribed to more and more and haven't really done so well since - so why not go back? Simply as if you get the balance and tipsters right then the portfolio can really work. I've made a lot of mistakes and learnt some lessons this year. Your point about the race at Newbury was a good one - I had four horses tipped in there and not one of them won!!

You are right about systematic and it does completely skew the profits of the portfolio but if there is a bad month other services can ensure a profitable month.

It's always a quandary and a debate that goes in my head!

6 days now for Systematic - great stuff and lets hope it continues!

Anon 2 - i've completed some analysis of the 4pa results and see tonights comment for info.

Anonymous said...

Hi i see that your figures r quite a bit different to what mine are with systematic, althoe i dont get prices with the likes of s/j skybet v/c i'm still never that far away from what systematic gets each month and have bin with them 18months. How comes yours are quite a bit different? a service that you might want to look into is stableinvestments althoe i couldnt find out anything about them on sbc i decided to take a chance with them in oct for 6months and so glad i did as just doing £10 stakes i have made a tidy profit with them already around 180pts and this is just using bfsp, dont know if there is any places left with them but if your struggling to get prices with bookies then this service looks and with the time i have bin with them very promising. j

mrh-beats said...

Hi J - thanks for your comment. Will have a look at stableinvestments. Thanks for letting me know. I use betfair for most of my systematic bets at the moment - simply for speed and ease - I'm out and about a lot with my job and don't have time to flick between sites on my phone to get the best price - it's something I've accepted that I won't get close to recommended price sometimes but I think the service will still be profitable. Be good to hear how far you are off the recommended price and who you place most of your bets with?