Monday, November 14, 2011

Back Under

Well back down to earth with a bump today with a losing day - can't win them all!

Quiet day but takes me back under the £3k ytd figure yet again.

Steve Lewis Hamilton has been quiet recently for the start of the NH season but I've started following the mentions again so will see how that goes - was quite profitable last NH season so hopefully a good addition for this season.


Anonymous said...

hi mate , was wonder what the strikerate , longest losing run and worst losing sequence was for systematic over the last 12 months ?

One system ML couldn't afford to take from us last spring produced the following over the 2011 flat turf season : 4483 bets 657 wins 14.7% strikerate 107.7% return to ind sp . Obviously the returns to sp wouldnt hold up if a tipster bought the system to produce tips . All the systems we sell to tipsters at least break even to sp but once they are used to provide tips they are reliant on securing close to the best early odds in order to produce a worthwhile yeild . The system stats above had 3 losing runs over 40 and makes it difficult to market to system based services . The form based services would easily treble their returns by applying basic form principles to weed out the many unprofitable bets that all systems throw up . Unfortunately we have yet to meet any with either the forsight or necessary capital . Which probably goes some way to explaining why they underperform the better system based services .

I still think you would be better off simply following the Systematic service solely and increasing your stakes accordingly . Better still would be to learn the very basics of horseracing form and safely eliminate about 20% of M's tips which will not show a profit . Improve this skill further and you could get to backing around 50% of his tips without sacrificing profits .

cheers steve

mrh-beats said...

Hi Steve - thanks for your comment. It's a bit of analysis I've been meaning to do so your prompt has been timely and refocused my need to do this - will have a look and come back to you.

I'm a bit confused when you say "one system ML couldn't afford to take from us....". Can you explain a bit more please?

Thanks for your point re following Systematic only - it's something I've considered but Systematic isn't performing any better than most of the other services at the moment.

Interesting re horseracing form - would be good to do - I have a full time job and find time to do these things impossible though. Perhaps I should take some time out to review that side of things as well. If you had any pointers how to do that I would be very much grateful.

Many thanks again!