Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Here's the weekly update for the last week (Monday 14th - Sunday 20th).

Overall.. What started as a pretty depressing week with Monday to Thursday providing dismal result after dismal result ended up in profit after a dramatic turnaround over the weekend. Total profit for the week was £114 which doesn't sound like much but when I was £418 down by end of Thursday is a great result. For a change Saturday was the best day of the week - helped mainly by Northern Monkey and bets from The Football Analyst and Mr Gekko Bets. Total of the year is back in the right direction and it may be a sign the treading water is over.... Up to £3,178 for the year by the end of the week.

A good week for... Well a great start really for The Football Analyst delivering me 5 wins out of 6 bets and a £97 profit. Having looked at the systems and reading the reply to my comment - I am following a small number of the systems - 7-21, 7-22, 8-21 and 8-22. Working on a small stake basis of £5 a point - which if I follow these systems could generate up to 4 point bets. Will run with trial stakes for a while and see how it goes. So a good start for once when joining a new service - and all the info is free on the blog - here if you are interested -

A bad week for... Well the wooden spoon goes once again to Piecost who have had another nightmare week with a strike rate of 1 out of 33 this week. Shocking doesn't describe it - and offering up further bets (which admittedly aren't on the account) suggests a wee bit of panic to me. However it's a long term service and I'm sticking with it for a while longer. Pity these runs always happen when services go live. 76 points down in 1.5 months isn't good though.

Other news... I mentioned in an earlier post regarding the success of Northern Monkey - certainly makes me think about the price of subscriptions vs. the success of a service and the two don't necessarily correlate. One of the things I really need to do next year is drive down the cost of subscriptions or increase stakes on the bigger priced services. Suspect I will be doing the former rather than the latter!

Good start to the week today with Systematic Betting delivering a decent profit today - lets hope it keeps going!


Anonymous said...

A great day today mate for systematic unlucky not to get 7 out of eight,hope marks good form continues,I have cut my services down to 3 and it feels more comfortable as I have upped stakes,and with the tried and tested services do you not feel that a lot of services that are easy to join are not providing great returns and dragging your portfolio down?
Was annoyed Monday to read slhs tips fri&sat being relayed on a site called bet thief (gets under my skin when these freeloaders get access to a 125 a month service for free,slh wants to bar these so called members.
Also been with systematic for 6 wks or so,you mentioned he was treading water but according to results his only really bad month was oct.can you verify that

mrh-beats said...

Hi Baz - yeah I think you are right - I may cut my losses with some services at the end of the year and put it down to experience. Certainly want to reduce costs next year.

I'm going to email SLH about that site tonight as it really pisses me off as well.

Yeah the systematic headline results don't look too bad but that's if you get on at recommended prices and have accounts with the likes of Stan James - does anyone?? My points total recently has been;

Aug -17.7
Sep +20
Oct -38.7
Nov to date +22

Hope that helps! Feels like there's a bit of a turnaround happening though (fingers crossed!)