Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Review - Part 2 - the ongoing saga

I'm having a bit of a mare at the moment as I've lost my charger for my laptop so am now tapping away on my wifes netbook! But it does mean I've no access to my spreadsheets and data so I can't complete a full review of October and needed my stats to complete my thoughts on Systematic Betting in October so will continue with that as soon as I can.

Much apologies for those of you waiting for the update - been a frustrating week for many reasons!!

Looks like today was another losing day but only just. Treading water is probably the best way to describe things!

Nothing much else to report at the moment although the pressure of a full time job and trying to get the bets on has been tough this week and it all becomes a bit wearing when there's little progress in the profit.

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Anonymous said...

That guy that runs 4pa is useless when is the last time he even picked a winner insists on coming up with his useless bets that nobody wants. why is he their the system works better without him.