Saturday, November 12, 2011

In Place

Decent day today and nice to see Saturday being successful.

A rare winning Saturday for Systematic was great to see, as was a good profit from Market Examiner which have finally turned the month into profit! Could I see my first winning month with Market Examiner this month? Here's hoping!

Slightly frustrated with my 4PA bets in the main race at Cheltenham with My Shamwari finishing 5th - and usually I'm very careful with checking place terms on these races but I missed the bet365 5 place offer and put the bet through Ladbrokes instead. So a £40 loss registered rather than a small profit on the bet.

Lets hope the good run continues.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm surprized at what your staking with systematic, i have bin with the service over 16months myself now and started staking £20a pt at first and now do 3 figs a pt, i only reinvested money i won with the sevice each biggest downturn with the prices i got as bin 65, i use a betting bank of 250pts.

mrh-beats said...

Hi thanks for your comment - interested to hear your staking. I joined Systematic last year - was keen to get in before the doors shut and just managed. Knew it was a high turnover service and I would have to work the staking over time - I started at £5 a pt and now £20 which I'm ok with but am aiming for higher - and am working to increase it over time to a level I'm comfortable with.

Presume you are betting on betfair?