Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Close

The margins sometimes in this game are very tight - the case and point being the 1.05 at Wincanton with Steve Lewis Hamilton Calico Rose coming third missing out by 1/2 a length. Harder to take as I'd also bet on Wise Hawk beaten by a head in the same race. Wise Hawk followed through the great TVB blog by the way.

Then Emily's Flyer failing to win in the 4pm at Hereford for Systematic after apparently trading at 1.01 on betfair topped off another losing day which with those results turning around would have been a bumper day. I am amazed at the difference short heads, heads, necks, half lengths etc make to the profit margins - the problem being that it's more likely to fall on the wrong side rather than the right side!

Lets get the hoof forward for a Fabulous Friday??


Anonymous said...

When was the last time slh had 2 account bets together that won I can't recall,can you ? Everytime you think he's turning corner he takes a step back,I'm giving him to new year to start to show me he is producing,good winner fri but the winners are few and far between ,today no bet again is Sunday his day off . For the subs a want to see a return.

mrh-beats said...

Hi Baz - mid May - with a double and then two individual winners in March! So a wee while. Definitely a bit start stop at the moment but a couple of decent winners will turn things around. He did used to bet a lot on a Sunday but not so much now - although this could be due to the deteriorating quality of sunday racing! I'd stick with it.